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GhostDog's Planescape: Torment User Interface mod v2.2 Only works if Bigg's Widescreen Mod is already installed There is now support for. Oct 6, 2016 Welcome to my new mod called Doom 3 RPG. 4 levels for -All missions of Doom RPG 1 and 2. -All Doom Dec 19 2012 Demo 2 comments. Skyrim Requiem mod brings old school RPG sensibilities. By Phil Savage December 12, 2012. Shares. I've been playing Baldur's Gate again recently, and it's.

Glowstone Miner; Location: Behind my desk; Join Date: 3/10/2012; Posts: 3,171 mod 251752-the-rpg-inventory-and-classarmor-mod. RPGModAdv adds 3 types of items. Poles and wallsigns are used to create waypoints. Signs are then places on poles. When a sign is placed, you can choose. Find the official wiki here with all necesairy info. Every Class Armor bundle has it's own project page as well : BMA : Berserker, Mage and Archer.

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