Ic client для чебнет и interstellar 2014

CIC offers the following interaction management client applications. Interaction Desktop Client is the primary CIC client. It includes all of the features available Secure Pause Button. Requirements: The "Secure Recording Pause" Interaction Command Right determines if the Secure Pause button can appear on a toolbar. 8 (8352) 23 77 77. для абонентов г. Чебоксары. Вызвать мастера · Написать в службу поддержки; Проверка скорости.

In the CIC client, chat sessions are online, real-time, typed conversations between CIC client users or between a CIC client user and a remote chat participant. Important: Customer Interaction Center (CIC) supports several interaction management client applications. This documentation uses the term "CIC client" to refer. Interaction Optimizer. Requirements: Only agents with the appropriate licenses and rights can use Interaction Optimizer. Consult your CIC administrator if you.

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